AMOS Conference: Day 2 Keynote Speaker Announced

AMOS Conference keynote speaker

John D. Hill, Principal Director for Space Policy, Department of Defense. (U.S. Army photo by Monica King/Released)

The 2017 AMOS Conference will open on Day 2 with Keynote Speaker, Mr John D. Hill, Principal Director for Space Policy, U.S. Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.

John Hill became the Principal Director for Space Policy in November 2013, with responsibilities for formulating and coordinating space-related national security and defense policies and strategies, including for the conduct of international space cooperation.

A member of the career Senior Executive Service since 2007, Mr. Hill has fulfilled a wide variety of assignments in the Department of Defense (DoD). Prior to his current assignment, he served as DoD’s representative in negotiations with Afghanistan on the Security and Defense Cooperation Agreement that enables a continuing presence of United States forces. Mr. Hill has held two prior Principal Director positions in DoD, overseeing defense policies and programs regarding Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia from 2010-2012, and holding similar responsibilities regarding the East Asia region from 2006-2010.

In previous assignments as the Director for Northeast Asia and as the Senior Country Director for Japan, Mr. Hill led DoD’s management of U.S. alliance relationships with Japan and the Republic of Korea and oversaw security policies regarding the Korean Peninsula.


John Hill will present the Day 2 Keynote on Thursday, Sept 21 as a lead-in to the second SSA Policy Forum of the Conference addressing the topic of Evolution of the Commercial SSA Industry.

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