Video Presentations and Tips

The AMOS Conference is delighted to continue providing a robust convening space that grants virtual participants access to the collaborative and state-of-the-art SSA/SDA technical exchange that AMOS is known for.

The Technical Committee has determined that all poster presentations regardless of in-person or virtual acceptance will be recorded in advance to accommodate those who are unable to present or attend on Maui. Presenters are also asked to participate in virtual Office Hours to field attendee questions. More information can be found in the Poster Presenter details.

Please note that oral presentations will be livestreamed and no pre-recorded oral presentations are planned at this time.

Tips & Guidelines for Video Presentations


Use a desktop or laptop computer to record and run your presentation file.




Have the brightest source of light facing you so that you are clearly visible when speaking. Avoid having lights, large reflective surfaces, or windows directly behind you or underneath you.

Test Run

Practice, practice, practice. Test all aspects of these tips by recording a short test video.


Ensure you are using an up-to-date version of Chrome (preferred) or Firefox if utilizing the submission system’s built-in recording feature. 


All applications, including your email, should be closed on your computer with the exception being your presentation file. Refrain from excessive mouse movements, clicking, and typing if not necessary.

Review Your Video

Please watch your video to ensure there is clear, consistent audio and that your slides are visible and legible. You may re-upload or re-record your video as many times as you need prior to the August 31 deadline


Ear buds with a built-in microphone or a headset is highly encouraged while presenting to improve sound quality. Phones and other devices should be on silent mode.


Presentations that run long will be asked to be re-recorded. Some presenters may find it helpful to start a timer on their phone and set it within eyesight and off-camera.

Don't Forget

To smile and have fun! 




Choose a background setting that is distraction free. You should be in-frame and centered, with your head and shoulders taking up a majority of the frame. Look directly into the camera while you are speaking. Your webcam should be eye level.


Military members often elect to wear short sleeve blues when presenting at AMOS. For all other presenters, dress is business casual

How to Record and/or Upload Your Video Presentation

Poster presenters have the option to record their 3-minute presentations within our submission system or to upload an external video file of their presentation. Please review our presenter tips above prior to recording your video. You may re-upload or re-record your video as many times as you need prior to the August 31 deadline.

Option 1: Record Video Within Submission System

To record your presentation within our submission system, please login and scroll down to your abstract listing. Click the Record Presentation button next to the Upload buttons. We strongly recommend doing a test recording of 15-20 seconds to ensure everything is being captured correctly. When you are ready to record, click the Record Presentation Video button and follow the prompts to connect your microphone, camera, and presentation screen. When you are ready, click Record. There will be a countdown and audio cues to prompt you. When you are finished presenting, click the red Stop button. You can preview your recording and elect to either upload it or discard and re-record. The recording will consist of a large view of your presentation and a smaller view of you presenting. Further instructions can be found here and here.

System Requirements:

  • Use Chrome (preferred) or Firefox. Chrome will allow you to stop the recording using their floating screen display control.
  • Close all unnecessary applications and tabs to optimize memory and computer processing.
  • You must screen share in order to record within the system. Oral presenters should display their presentation file. Poster presenters may opt to show a single title slide, a short slide deck, or digital poster.

Troubleshooting Recording:

  • If the microphone is not working, turn off video and turn it back on to see if that resolves the problem.
  • Restart your computer and only open the X-CD system and your presentation software, then attempt the recording again; perhaps record a short test to ensure all is functioning, then discard and re-record once you confirm the test has worked.
  • Adjust your default microphone and web camera defaults within your browser:
    • In Chrome: copy and paste this link: chrome://settings/content and scroll down to Permissions section to adjust your Camera and Microphone settings. The website site should be allowed to access both.
    • In Firefox: copy and paste this link: about:preferences#privacy and scroll down to the Permissions section and click Settings. The website site should be allowed to access both.
  • If you continue to experience issues, you may record your video externally using a different platform and upload it to the submission system.
  • The Conference Team is not equipped to provide extensive technical assistance. Please share any technical difficulties you may be experiencing by emailing so we can inform our platform provider.

Option 2: Upload an External Video

Please login to upload your .mp4 video file. Scroll down to your abstract listing. Click the Record Presentation button next to the Upload buttons and then click the Upload Presentation Video button. Follow the prompts to upload your video file. On successful upload, a confirmation message will appear. Click here for detailed instructions.

Note: Do not upload an external video file if you have recorded or plan to record a video within the submission system. The system accepts only one video file per presenter.

System Requirements:

  • Do not record in 4K. Please use HD quality for recording
  • Your recording file must be in .mp4 format.

Troubleshooting Uploading

  • Please note the uploading time is dependent on the file size and your internet connection speed.
  • If your presentation file was recorded in .mov format, rename the file extension to .mp4 and upload it.
  • Please share any technical difficulties you may be experiencing by emailing so we can inform our platform provider.