EMER-GEN Guides Young Professionals on their Space Careers

The inaugural EMER-GEN cohort, mentors and presenters.

The first annual 2018 EMER-GEN™ program, a joint initiative of the AMOS Conference and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), was launched for those age 35 and under enthusiastic about careers in space.

SGAC, a global non-governmental, non-profit organization and network, represents university students and young professionals ages 18 to 35 to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia.

MEDB created the two-day program at AMOS with the help of advisors from industry, government, academia and non-governmental organizations. EMER-GEN™ offered mentoring with renowned space specialists drawn from an array of fields related to SSA and STM. Networking with other young leaders, the participants joined in mentoring and professional development sessions, guided discussions on key questions and challenges, and short courses to enhance their effectiveness in a global space environment.

Signing of the MOU between MEDB and SGAC, partners in presenting the EMER-GEN program.

“MEDB is happy to partner with SGAC,” said Wilkins. “From keiki to careers, this new program is designed to support our young professionals in their leadership roles and careers. With SGAC, we share a commitment to employ the creativity and vigor of youth to nurture the next generation of space leaders.”

Clementine Decoopman, Executive Director of the SGAC said, “We in turn are excited to partner with MEDB. We look forward to continuous extension of our network to the next generation of space leaders gathered on Maui, as well as hearing their perspectives on future space industry challenges.”

“Everything about the first annual EMER-GEN™ was extraordinary,” said Victoria Samson, Director, Secure World Foundation and mentor. “There were new ideas and perspectives on SSA and STM policy, and challenges for young professionals and students to grapple with. It forced us all to look at things differently.”

The EMER-GEN program included mentoring by leaders in the space industry, including Doug Loverro, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, DoD

Tom Kubancik, General Manager at L3 Applied Defense Solutions and EMER-GEN mentor, said, “We are about to enter the commercialization and civil habitation phase of man’s space adventure and our young professionals need to take us there and keep us safe. EMER-GEN™ will ensure our thoughts and knowledge pass on to the next generation.”

Diana Agdeppa, a young professional working with the telescopes atop Haleakala, said, “Considering the increasing number of spacecraft and satellites being launched into space, and how fast they are moving, it’s becoming more of a priority to predict collisions further ahead in time with accuracy and precision. I took part in a session where we assumed the responsibilities of key people involved in space policy, which allowed me to see a bigger picture regarding SSA and STM. Additionally, I acquired some general knowledge from both of the short courses I took and found out how an Artificial Intelligence-based system may play a key role in SSA and STM.”

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