How do I update my abstract?

Minor revisions to your accepted abstract may be made by logging into the submission system with the credentials you created at the time of submission. If you do not remember your password, please click the “Reset Password” link below the Login button. The last day to update abstracts is August 13. Please note that the submission system is closed to abstract edits while under Session Chair review.

How do I change the Presenter of my paper?

The Designated Presenter must be a co-author and registered to attend the conference. Only one presenter per submission is allowed. To change your submission’s presenter, please log into the submission system and scroll down to your submission listing. Click the Authors button to view the affiliated authors and select the “Make Presenter” button to change the Designated Presenter. You may also change the order of authors by clicking and dragging names. Please keep your author listings up-to-date as this information is included in the virtual platform and conference app.

Do I need to submit a technical paper?

All presenters (poster and oral) must submit a complete technical paper using the required template. Download template in Word or LaTeX. No paper and clearance means no poster or podium presentation. Technical papers must be uploaded by August 31.

Is there a page limit for technical papers?

The typical page range of submitted technical papers is 10-15 pages. Please do not exceed 20 pages.

What time of day do the deadlines close?

Technical papers, copyright agreements, presentation files (if an oral presenter), digital posters (if a poster presenter), and pre-recorded presentation videos (if a poster presenter) must be uploaded by 11:59 PM Hawaii Standard Time on the deadline days.

How do I upload my headshot & bio? How do my co-authors upload their headshots & bios?

Please log into the submission system and click the Update Profile link in the top menu to upload your headshot and include a short bio.

Your abstract’s co-authors will be listed in the conference platform. Please confirm that your co-author listings are consistent with what will be shown on your final technical paper. To add/edit authors, login and scroll down to your abstract listing, and click the Authors button.

Your co-authors may upload their own bios and headshots (optional) by logging into the submission system and clicking the Update Profile link.

Do I need to register for the conference? Do my co-authors need to register?

All presenters must confirm participation by registering to attend the Conference, regardless of in-person or virtual acceptance. Co-authors who wish to attend in-person or who plan to assist with fielding questions on the virtual platform must also register.

Where should I stay on Maui?

As Hawaii recovers from the downturn in tourism during COVID, visitors are back in abundance – Maui recorded higher than pre-pandemic levels this past month. The resulting demand on accommodation, coupled with the increased attention focused on SSA/SDA and AMOS this year, has led to an early exhaustion of the hotel block. As often happens with large Conferences, it is not feasible to house all participants at a single venue and we have put together a list of alternative lodging options in the Wailea/Kihei area at

Is there a special presenter registration rate?

While there is no discounted presenter registration rate, the standard rate does include admission to all 3 days of the plenary program, coffee breaks, breakfasts, lunches, program materials, receptions, and access to the virtual platform. Presenters are encouraged to register before the June 30 Early Rate Deadline to take advantage of the lower rate.

What are the presenter attire requirements?

Dress for military is short sleeve blues for Wednesday, and business casual thereafter. Military members typically choose to wear short sleeve blues when presenting. For all other presenters, dress is business casual. On Aloha Friday we invite you to wear your favorite aloha attire.

How do I record my video for my poster presentation?

All virtual and in-person poster presenters can record their 3-minute presentations within our submission system. Alternatively, an external .mp4 video file may be uploaded. Learn more about recording your presentation.

My poster was selected for In-person presentation. Where should I print my poster?

Akamai Business Center at the Wailea Beach Resort by Marriott provides a large variety of business services and offers on-site large format presentation poster printing. They have a $119 AMOS SPECIAL for 36″x36″ poster prints on great-looking photo-quality glossy media. Akamai can print most any size and on many other types of media and has special pricing on those as well. Simply email your PDF or JPG file with instructions to and pick it up and pay for it on site. You will receive a confirmation that your file was received and being printed. Files too large for email can be sent using a free file upload service such as WeTransfer at For more information, email Akamai at or call 808-214-1924.

How do I schedule virtual Office Hours?

All presenters are required to access the virtual platform to answer attendee questions on their submission’s Discussion Board during the conference regardless of virtual or in-person acceptance. Registered co-authors are welcome to assist with question fielding.

Presenters can opt to schedule Office Hours to indicate specific times they are available to interact with attendees by video chat. Attendees will have access to the virtual platform and Poster Hall the week prior and the week of the conference.

You are welcome to schedule your optional Office Hours when convenient for you, with the expectation that a majority of attendees will be online Sep 27-30. The window for Office Hours is Sep 25 – Oct 1. Please identify and schedule your Office Hours prior to Sep 20 so attendees may plan accordingly.

Office Hour times must be scheduled in Pacific/Honolulu time zone.

To schedule, please log into the submission site, scroll down to your abstract listing, and click the Office Hours button.

Monitoring your submission’s Discussion Board is required while setting Office Hours is optional. 

My abstract was selected for Oral Backup. What does that mean?

If your abstract was accepted as an “In-person Poster Presentation and Designated Oral Backup”, this means you are an in-person poster presenter and must prepare a 3-minute pre-recorded video and digital poster in addition to a physical print poster and a technical paper. Please review all poster presenter requirements.

As a designated oral backup, there is a chance you will be giving an oral presentation if someone cancels. Please be ready to prepare a 12-minute oral briefing in addition to your poster. You will be notified by the Organizing Committee via email if there has been a cancellation. If your slides require public release approval, we ask that you complete the necessary process in advance. Cancellations are unexpected and although we will notify you as soon as possible, we are unable to predict if your abstract will move to an oral slot.

How do I submit my paper for journal consideration?

All authors’ required Conference papers are reviewed and considered for invitation for the peer review process. Technical papers not selected for journal publication will be published in the AMOS Conference Technical Papers Online Library as resources for the SSA community.

Invitations to be peer-reviewed and considered for publication in a special AMOS Conference issue of the Journal of Astronautical Sciences will be extended upon conclusion of the Conference.

For the Student Award, can I edit my paper once the award consideration window has closed?

Unless your revisions are minor or cosmetic, the technical paper you submitted for Student Award consideration will be published “as-is” in the AMOS Conference Proceedings. Minor revisions will need to be approved by the award committee prior to the conference. Please send your revised technical paper with updates noted to at your soonest convenience so the award committee can have time to review your revisions prior to proceeding with Best Paper Award reviews in early September.