Space is indispensable to nearly every aspect of daily life – how we work, live, play, and communicate – in today’s interconnected world. Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Traffic Management (STM) enable a safe, secure, and sustainable space operational environment and protect the critical space infrastructure that delivers daily essential capabilities and services.

In this live virtual roundtable on September 2, experts from the private sector, space safety providers, and satellite operators discussed the challenges and opportunities in SSA, STM, and space domain awareness. The roundtable was presented by COMSPOC and AGI, An Ansys Company in conjunction with the AMOS Conference.

Moderator: Dr. Scott Pace, Former Executive Secretary of the National Space Council and Director of the Space Policy Institute at the Elliott School of International Affairs

Panelists include:
Travis Langster, Vice President and General Manager, COMSPOC
Mark Dickinson, Vice President of Satellite Operations, Inmarsat
Curtis Hernandez, Director of Government Relations, LeoLabs
Mike Safyan, Vice President of Launch and Regulatory Affairs, Planet

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