Short Course Presenters

Thank you for presenting a Technical Short Course at the 2021 AMOS Conference. Short courses are offered as either in-person for participants who are attending AMOS on Maui or virtually for participants who attend online. In-person Short Courses will not be livestreamed for virtual attendance, and recording will not be available regardless of course format. Instructors of in-person courses must be present on-site to teach the course. All Technical Short Courses are scheduled for Tuesday, September 14. Please view the agenda for your course start time.


If your proposal was selected as an In-person Short Course, and you are no longer able to attend and lead the short course on Maui, please let us know at your soonest convenience.

Course Description. Please review your course description by logging in to the submission system and make any necessary changes by June 11. In addition, please include any co-presenters by adding them as “co-instructors” of your course submission. This information will be used in the marketing of the short courses.

Minimum Attendance Cut-off. We require that courses attract a minimum of ten (10) participants by August 13 to proceed.  We will keep you updated on numbers.  Any assistance with marketing via social media or direct email is appreciated.

Instructor Registration. Registration must be complete by August 13. Please see your acceptance email for instructions.

Course Materials. The Conference will distribute soft copies of your presentation to participants and the electronic file should be received by August 31. Your course materials may include your slide deck for participant reference and a single digital file of handouts. Please advise if there is preparatory information (such as software requirements) that should be shared with registrants in advance.

In-person Course Room Setup. The meeting room will be equipped with a projector and screen, presenters must provide their own laptop. Please advise if your course is hands-on and whether participants should bring their laptops. Short Courses will not be livestreamed for virtual attendance.

Virtual Course Room Setup. A Zoom Meetings link will be provided closer to September 14. You will have screenshare and whiteboard capabilities and you will be able to interact directly with participants. Please plan to login 15-20 minutes early to address final preparations and ready your presentation file. You will be in charge of driving your session and we encourage you to recruit a co-presenter to help moderate questions. Virtual short courses will not be recorded.

Please Note: Should you be unable to deliver your schedule Short Course, you will be expected to notify the Conference Organizers immediately. Your suggestion of a suitable replacement instructor, at no cost to the Conference, will be considered.

2021 Instructor Deadlines


Requirement Deadline
Instructor Acceptance FRI JUNE 11
Final Course Description FRI JUNE 11
Instructor Registration FRI AUG 13
Minimum Attendance Cut-off FRI AUG 13
Course Materials TUE AUG 31
Day of Course Instruction TUE SEP 14