Participation at the 2007 AMOS Conference was 550-strong, and included representation from across the U.S., Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, and Taiwan. The record attendance was augmented by key sponsorships, a dozen exhibitors, and hospitality receptions hosted by industry. Conferees held numerous sidebar sessions—formal and informal—to form new partnerships and plans.

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Featured Keynotes

 Lieutenant General Michael A. Hamel  Major General William L. Shelton  Major General Ted F. Bowlds

Session Chairs

Adaptive Optics, Robert Fugate, Air Force Research Laboratory
Astronomy and Astronomical Catalogs, Tamara Payne, Boeing LTS, Inc.
Atmospherics, Kelly Hammett, Air Force Research Laboratory
Imaging, Charles Matson, Air Force Research Laboratory
Orbital Debris, Thomas Schildknecht, Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern
Modeling, Analysis and Simulations, Jeff Houchard, Pacific Defense Solutions, LLC
Non-Resolved Object Characterization, Matt Hejduk, Titan Corporation
Telescopes and Instrumentation, Kira Abercromby, ESCG / Jacobs

Title Sponsors

The Boeing Company
County of Maui

Conference Sponsors

Analytical Graphics Inc.
Lockheed Martin
Pacific Disaster Center
Science Applications International Corporation


Air Force Research Laboratory, Det 15
Analytical Graphics, Inc.
The Boeing Company
CoorsTek Technical Ceramics
FLIR Systems

Office of Aerospace Development, State of Hawaii

Pacific Disaster Center

Rayleigh Optical Corp

RC Optical Systems Inc

Science Applications International Corporation

Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.

Poster Session and Exhibit Venue

The poster session is an opportunity for authors to present their work and have in-depth discussions with conference participants during a dedicated two-hour session on the conference opening day. Poster display boards are arranged throughout a portion of the ballroom together with industry exhibits in a convivial setting with seating and light refreshments to encourage interaction with the poster authors. The venue is open throughout the week serving as a locus for side discussions and pop-up meetings.


MSSS/AMOS Overview

The Maui Space Surveillance System (MSSS), located at the summit of Haleakala, is a national resource providing support to various government agencies and the scientific community. The tutorial summarizes MSSS systems, capabilities, and support procedures and includes a description of the telescopes and sensors. It will also include a brief overview of the Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC).

Imaging Through Turbulence, Michael Roggemann, Michigan Technological University

A brief tutorial on the “forward problem” of image formation in the presence of atmospheric turbulence, and various strategies for mitigating the effects of turbulence on imaging systems. The talk begins with a brief review of the history of the field, followed by a discussion of the origins of turbulence. The optical effects of turbulence are then reviewed. Finally, mitigation strategies including speckle imaging, blind deconvolution, and adaptive optics are presented. This presentation is intended for an audience which already has some knowledge and experience in the imaging and image processing areas.