Mahalo to the authors who submitted an abstract for 2025. A number of exceptional abstracts were received for consideration this year, with over 90% of submitting authors indicating they planned to present in-person at the time of submission. With the volume of submissions received and capacity limits for oral and poster slots that can be programmed over the three days, we are unfortunately unable to accept every abstract received.

The 2024 AMOS Conference is being planned as an in-person event with virtual attendance options. All oral and in-person poster presenters must present in-person. Select poster presentations may be assigned pre-recorded virtual-only presentation in order to accommodate a greater technical body of work for the SSA/SDA community.

Author notifications have been sent May 2 and presentations assigned – oral, in-person and virtual presentations. Please contact us if you submitted an abstract and have not received an email. Check your spam and junk folders.

Toggle the sections below to learn more about details and instructions of each deadline.


EARLY JANUARY - Call for Papers and Short Course Proposals

2025 submissions will open 3rd week of January

MARCH 1 - Abstract and Short Course Proposal Deadline

Final day to submit abstract and short course proposals. Submissions now closed and we are no longer accepting proposals.

WEEK OF MAY 1 - Notification of Author & Instructor Acceptance

Authors and Instructors will be notified via email of their acceptance status the week of May 1, 2024.

Accepted authors consent to the following requirements:

  • Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to present if accepted. A primary author may submit a maximum of two abstracts. There is no limit to the number of times an author may be credited as a co-author. For presenting authors with two accepted abstracts, a co-author must present one of the papers and be approved by the Conference Organizing Committee in advance.
  • Submission of a final Technical Paper and Copyright Agreement prior to the August 30 Deadline*. All presenters (poster and oral) must submit a complete technical paper using the required template. No paper and clearance means no poster or podium presentation.
  • The Designated Presenter must be the author or co-author and must be registered to attend the conference by June 28 regardless of virtual or in-person acceptance. Oral presenters and poster presenters invited for in-person presentation must attend and present in-person. Virtual poster presenters may opt to register for in-person or online attendance.
  • Only one presenter is allowed per abstract/paper. A substitute presenter must be a co-author and approved by the Conference Organizing Committee in advance.
  • Should an oral presenter’s or in-person poster presenter’s ability to present in-person change, the Conference Organizing Committee must be notified immediately at info@amostech.com.
  • Publication of Abstract in the AMOS Conference platform and website. If it is a requirement in your organization, abstract should be cleared for public release prior to submission.
  • Publication of Technical Paper in the AMOS Conference Proceedings. It is recommended that submissions requiring public release approval allow a minimum of 60-90 days for clearance. Authors are required to warrant to MEDB (the Conference Organizers) in advance of publication of the Proceedings that all necessary permissions and clearances have been obtained, and that submitting authors are authorized to transfer copyright of the paper to MEDB for publication in the Proceedings. If a presentation is not made by an author at the conference, then the technical paper shall be omitted from published proceedings.
  • Oral presenters must submit final presentation files for Session Chair review by September 10.
  • All poster presenters regardless of in-person or virtual acceptance must submit a 3-minute pre-recorded video presentation and digital poster by August 30.
  • Failure to meet deadlines and requirements will jeopardize future acceptance. The Conference Committee reserves the right to cancel or re-allocate a presentation.
MAY 15 - Author & Instructor Acceptance Deadline

Authors & Instructors must confirm their participation by clicking Accept in their Speaker Portal by May 15. Doing so acknowledges acceptance of the presenter requirements. To ensure receipt of author/presenter communications, please add info@amostech.com to your Safe List.


JUNE 28 - Presenter Registration Deadline

Due to the demand for registrations, all presenters must confirm participation by registering to attend the Conference by June 28 regardless of in-person or virtual acceptance. A speaker rate will be available to designated presenters.

AUGUST 10 - Last Day to Update Abstracts

The abstracts of both oral and poster papers are published in the same manner in the conference materials. Minor revisions to your accepted abstract must be completed no later than August 10. Please ensure your abstract title, content, and author listings are up to date as this information is used in conference virtual platform and app.

AUGUST 10 - Photo & Bio Deadline

A photo headshot can be uploaded in the Speaker Portal where you can also add a Bio. Bios and headshots will be displayed in the online Conference platform. Your contact information will not be visible. Co-authors will need to access their individual accounts if they wish to include a headshot and bio.

AUGUST 30 - Technical Paper & Copyright Agreement Deadline

All oral and poster presenters are required to submit a technical paper utilizing the required template and a signed copyright agreement indicating that your presentation and manuscript have been cleared for public release. Technical papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings and on the conference website’s papers library. Please note the typical page range of submitted technical papers is 10-15 pages. Do not exceed 20 pages and omit page numbers. No paper and clearance means no poster or podium presentation.

To qualify for the AMOS Best Paper Award, authors must upload their technical papers and copyright agreements to the submission system by the August 30 Technical Paper and Copyright Deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.


AUGUST 30 - Student Award Technical Paper Deadline

Students wishing to apply for this award now have until August 30, 2024 to submit their completed manuscript utilizing the required paper template. Late submissions will not be considered for the award.


AUGUST 30 - Student Award Co-Author Statement Deadline

A student must be first author and primary researcher for a paper to be considered for the Best Student Paper Award. There is a maximum of three authors for papers to be considered for the Student Award. In the case where the student is not the sole author, a single representative of the co-authors, ideally the student’s advisor, is required to provide a letter prior to the Student Award Deadline as part of the paper submission. This letter shall confirm that the submitting student was the primary researcher and author of the work, including analysis, writing, revising, generating artwork/charts, etc. Letters can be emailed to info@amostech.com. Any student papers without a corresponding letter will not be considered for the award.


AUGUST 30 - Poster Presenters: Digital Poster & Presentation Video

All Poster Presenters, regardless of in-person or virtual acceptance, are required to upload a digital poster and an accompanying 3-minute video presentation for inclusion in the virtual platform and conference app. Instructions will be sent via email and will also be available in your personal speaker portal.


SEPTEMBER 10 - Oral Presenters: Presentation File Deadline

Oral Presenters are required to submit their PPT or PDF presentation file by September 10 for Session Chair review. The Conference Committee reserves the right to cancel or re-allocate a presentation if not received by the deadline.

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Format: It is recommended that your presentation be in 16:9 (also known as widescreen) format. Accepted file types include PPT and PDF.
  • Design: Font size should be large. Anything smaller than 14px is difficult to read. Use subsequent slides to “zoom in” on complex figures/images.
  • Content: Slides marked classified, proprietary, internal use only etc. will not be accepted.
  • Video: If incorporating video components in your presentation, embedded video is required in order to be included with your file upload. YouTube or internet-hosted videos are not allowed. Marketing-centric/promotional videos will be rejected – video content must focus on the presented research and reported results. Please notify info@amostech.com in advance of the Presentation Deadline if your presentation includes video content.

View Conference Agenda for scheduling of your session