Poster Presenters

Due to the high number of submissions received this year, and the limited number of papers that can be accommodated as oral presentations, the Conference Technical Committee has had to place a number of high-quality papers in the poster session. In an effort to showcase a greater body of technical work, the Conference Organizers are including a virtual poster category in addition to traditional in-person poster presentations.

In addition to the required technical paper and signed copyright agreement, please note the following requirements:

Poster Presentation Requirements

All poster presenters regardless of in-person or virtual acceptance must upload a digital poster and an accompanying 3-minute presentation video, in addition to the required technical paper and copyright agreement, for inclusion in the virtual platform and conference app.


Upload Digital Poster by August 30

Poster presenters are required to upload their digital poster by August 31 for inclusion in the virtual Poster Hall. Posters should clearly display the problem, the solution, and the results of the submitted technical paper. Posters marked classified, proprietary, internal use only, etc. will not be accepted. Accepted file formats include .pdf and .pdfx and there are no limitations on file size or poster dimensions. Hyperlinks and embedded rich media (video files, audio clips, timelapses, etc.) are not supported by the virtual platform.

Instructions on uploading your digital poster TBA 

3-minute Video Presentation by August 30

As an accompaniment to digital posters, all poster presenters must record and/or upload a brief 3-minute video to highlight main points of their poster and submitted technical paper. Marketing-centric/promotional videos will be rejected – video content must focus on the presented research and reported results. Screen sharing is necessary if recording video within the submission system. Poster presenters may utilize a single title slide, a short slide deck to focus on specific visuals of the digital poster, or the digital poster itself during their video.

Poster Presenter Checklist


Requirement Deadline VIRTUAL Poster IN-PERSON Poster
Presenter Registration JUNE 28
Final Edits to Abstract AUG 10
Presenter Bio, and Headshot AUG 10
Upload Technical Paper and Copyright Agreement AUG 30
Pre-recorded Poster Presentation (3-min) AUG 30
Upload Digital Poster AUG 30  
Virtual Discussion Board Moderation WEEK OF  
Online Office Hours WEEK OF Optional Optional
In-Person Poster Session (select posters only) SEP 18 & 19 N/A  

Presenter Links

Virtual Discussion Board (Required)

All presenters are required to access the virtual platform to answer attendee questions on their submission’s Discussion Board during the conference regardless of virtual or in-person acceptance. Registered co-authors are welcome to assist with question fielding. A personalized link to the virtual platform will be provided the week before the conference.

Please note your presentation will be made available to registered attendees for on-demand viewing for 6 months. The Technical Committee asks that you periodically monitor your submission’s Discussion Board for further questions.

Online Office Hours (Optional)

Presenters can opt to schedule Office Hours to indicate specific times they are available to interact with attendees by video chat. Attendees will have access to the virtual platform and Poster Hall the week prior and the week of the conference.

You are welcome to schedule your optional Office Hours when convenient for you, with the expectation that a majority of attendees will be online Sep 17-20. The window for Office Hours is Sep 15–21. Please identify and schedule your Office Hours prior to Sep 17 so attendees may plan accordingly.

Office Hour times must be scheduled in Pacific/Honolulu time zone.

Monitoring your submission’s Discussion Board is required while setting Office Hours is optional. 

In-Person Poster Sessions

(For select presenters)
A select number of posters have been invited for in-person presentations during the afternoon poster sessions. If your poster was accepted as an In-person Poster, this means that the designated presenter of your poster is required to attend the conference in-person on Maui.

The poster sessions are constructed to encourage direct author dialog with conference participants. Selected authors are invited to demonstrate technical accomplishments using traditional illustrative posters and interactive demonstrations on author-provided laptops during the poster sessions.

Printed posters will be displayed over the course of two days and will be featured during the poster sessions on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please check the conference schedule for the poster session times.

In-person Poster presenters are provided with an estimated 4’x4’ area of a poster board and placement is assigned at check-in. Posters must be displayed no later than 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday. Velcro, push pins, and a plastic pouch for your business cards are provided, and extra supplies are available at the Registration Desk. Posters must remain displayed through the end of the poster session on Thursday, and must be removed at its conclusion. Please do not remove your poster early.

Print Your Poster On-site at Akamai Business Center

Akamai Business Center at the Wailea Beach Resort by Marriott provides a large variety of business services and offers on-site large format presentation poster printing. They have a $129  AMOS SPECIAL for 36”x36”, or $169 for 42”x42″ poster prints on great-looking photo-quality glossy media. (Prices to be confirmed) Akamai can print almost any size (so long as one side is 42” or less) and on many other types of media and has special pricing on those as well. Simply email your PDF or JPG file with instructions to and pick it up and pay for it on site. You will receive a confirmation that your file was received and being printed. Files too large for email can be sent using a free file upload service such as WeTransfer at For more information, email Akamai at or call 808-214-1924.

Poster Pitches & Awards

Back by popular demand, we are delighted to reprise the poster pitches and awards portion of the program. You will be invited on-stage in the Poster venue for the opportunity to give a brief 30-second “elevator pitch” as to why attendees should stop by your poster. This is a voluntary activity that will take place at the start and mid-point of each poster session.

In addition, in-person poster presenters are in the running for four awards.

  • Best Poster Pitch – top elevator pitch by a person presenting at AMOS.
  • Newcomer – top poster by a person presenting at AMOS for the first time.
  • Most Creative – poster with the most ambitious goal and/or most unexpected methodology to solve.
  • Golden Ticket – best poster, so good that it wins a guaranteed oral presentation slot for AMOS 2025 (with a cogent abstract required).

Oral Backups

(For select presenters)
If your abstract was accepted as an “In-person Poster Presentation and Designated Oral Backup”, this means you are an in-person poster presenter and must prepare a 3-minute pre-recorded video and digital poster in addition to a physical print poster and a technical paper.

As a designated oral backup, there is a chance you will be giving an oral presentation if someone cancels. Please be ready to prepare a 12-minute oral briefing in addition to your poster. You will be notified by the Organizing Committee via email if there has been a cancellation. If your slides require public release approval, we ask that you complete the necessary process in advance. Cancellations are unexpected and although we will notify you as soon as possible, we are unable to predict if your abstract will move to an oral slot.