The inaugural all-virtual AMOS Conference was held September 15-18, 2020. Each day of the plenary program opened with a livestream of keynote addresses and SSA Policy Forum discussions at 6AM Hawaii Standard Time. Technical presentations were released for on-demand viewing 1 day prior to their assigned 30-minute Live Q&A sessions. Poster presentations were available throughout the conference, with Poster & Exhibit sessions at the open and the close of the first and second days.

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2020 Program at a Glance

SAT Sep 12 – TUE Sep 15 EMER-GEN™ Program (learn more)
TUE Sep 15 Technical Short Courses (learn more)
On-Demand Launch | SSA/SDA, Astrodynamics, and Poster Presentations
WED Sep 16 Poster Session & Exhibition A
Conference Opening
Opening Keynote Address | Major General Stephen N. Whiting
SSA Policy Forum | Extending SSA and Space Activities to Cislunar Space
Live Q&A Session | Space Situational Awareness/Space Domain Awareness
Invited Talk | Kevin O’Connell
Live Q&A Session |
Poster Session & Exhibition B
Aloha Reception
On-Demand Launch | Machine Learning, Adaptive Optics & Imaging, Non-Resolved Object Characterization, and Atmospherics/Space Weather Presentations
THU Sep 17 Poster Session & Exhibition A
Opening Remarks | Quentin Verspieren, University of Tokyo
SSA Policy Forum | Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Norms of Behavior
EMER-GEN™ Briefing
Live Q&A Session | Machine Learning for SSA Applications
Live Q&A Session | Adaptive Optics & Imaging
Live Q&A Session | Non-Resolved Object Characterization
Live Q&A Session | Atmospherics/Space Weather
Poster Session & Exhibition B
On-Demand Launch | Optical Systems & Instrumentation, Orbital Debris, Space-Based Assets, Cislunar SSA Presentations
FRI Sep 18 Keynote Address
SSA Policy Forum | Evolution of Industry Best Practices for Space Sustainability
Live Q&A Session | Optical Systems & Instrumentation
Live Q&A Session | Orbital Debris
Live Q&A Session | Space-Based Assets
Featured Presentation | The Space S&T Challenges from LEO to Cislunar
Live Q&A Session | Cislunar SSA Session
Conference Closing & Awards Ceremony

Conference Highlights Video

2020 AMOS Conference Highlights

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