2016 Papers, Proceedings & Highlights

Revisit 2016 AMOS Conference with papers, proceedings, videos and highlights.

You can see and download photos and videos at https://amostech.com/archives/2016-archive/

 Conference ProceedingsWe are delighted to inform you that the 2016 Proceedings are completed and available online for purchase at  https://amostech.space/download/orderform.cfm

To review all 2016 papers click here.

2016 AMOS Conference highlightsWe have also put together a a Highlight Summary of the 2016 Conference –http://amostech.com/pdf/2016AMOS_Highlights.pdf



We appreciate your continued support and look forward to welcoming you to AMOS 2017, September 19-22, 2017. Stay tuned for the Call for Papers in January!


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