The AMOS Conference remains the premier conference in the nation devoted to space surveillance. The cross section of military, contractor, and academic participation in the field of space situational awareness is unmatched by any other conference in the world, as evidenced by the continued growth in attendance, and the corresponding increase in technical excellence and collaboration. 

In accordance with DoD policy on conference attendance, the Undersecretary of the Air Force has approved participation for USAF personnel at the 2014 AMOS Conference. (Attendance is limited to those who were included in the package approved by SAF). Registration is currently ongoing so sign up now!  We are grateful for the leadership shown by AFRL and AFSPC to spearhead this effort on behalf of the international SSA S&T Community!  The AF must track actual attendance and costs for attendance at this year’s AMOS Conference, Air Force personnel should contact Molly Lawson at AFRL ( via email to provide actuals within 13 days after conference ends for the After Action Report (NLT Sept 26). Please note that Contractor travel using Air Force Funds is limited to travel already covered within the current SOW.


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