The 5th issue of the Journal of the Astronautical Sciences AMOS Conference Special Collection is now complete and published showcasing selected papers from the 2022 AMOS Conference. Through the partnership between the American Astronautical Society’s (AAS) Space Surveillance Technical Committee (SSTC) and Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB), papers go through a peer review process to determine selection for publication in the Journal.

The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences is an archival publication devoted to the sciences and technology of astronautics. Articles are published which present significant new results, important insights, or state of the art surveys in all areas of astrodynamics, celestial mechanics, atmospheric flight mechanics, navigation and guidance, and space related sciences.

The AMOS 2022 Special Topic issue covers papers:

  • Geometric Solution to Probabilistic Admissible Region (PAR) by Utkarsh Mishra, Suman Chakravorty, Weston Faber, Islam Hussein, Siamak Hesar & Benjamin Sunderland
  • Simulation and Analysis of Event Camera Data for Non-resolved Objects by Conor Benson & Marcus Holzinger
  • Optimal Sensor Planning for SSA Using System Identification Concepts by Per Hägg
  • Rapid and Automatic Reachability Estimation of Electric Propulsion Spacecraft by Prashant R. Patel & Daniel J. Scheeres
  • Catalog-Based Atmosphere Uncertainty Quantification by Alejandro Cano, Alejandro Pastor, Joaquín Míguez, Manuel Sanjurjo-Rivo & Diego Escobar
  • Satellite Manoeuvre Detection with Multistatic Radar by Simão da Graça Marto, Sebastián Díaz Riofrío, Christos Ilioudis, Carmine Clemente & Massimiliano Vasile
  • Data-Driven Lifetime Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning for Large-Scale Satellite Constellations by Paul Diaz, Pol Mesalles Ripoll, Matthew Duncan, Mike Lindsay, Toby Harris & Hugh G. Lewis
  • Optimal Cislunar Architecture Design Using Monte Carlo Tree Search Methods by Michael Klonowski, Marcus J. Holzinger & Naomi Owens
  • Simulation of Debris Events in Selected Low Lunar Orbits by Nathan Boone & Robert Bettinger

Papers are invited based on a technical review for their novel contribution to the state-of-the art in Space Situational/Domain Awareness (SSA/SDA), high quality of scholarship, potential for innovation and leadership, and/or if the paper shows promise for a change of direction in the way that stakeholders in the SSA community could improve their understanding of the situation in space. The AAS Space Surveillance Technical Committee looks for detailed and comprehensive research that merits visibility by an international journal.

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