A record-breaking number of exceptional abstracts from 22 countries were received for the 24th Annual AMOS Conference. The premier technical conference in the nation devoted to space domain awareness (SDA) will be held September 19-22, 2023 at the Wailea Beach Resort. 

The number and content of the submissions demonstrate the continued evolution and advancements in field of space domain awareness and is reflected in the session topics to be covered this year: Astrodynamics, Cislunar SDA, Conjunction/RPO, Machine Learning for SDA Applications, Satellite Characterization, SDA Systems & Instrumentation, Space-based Assets, Space Debris, Space Domain Awareness; and Atmospherics/Space Weather.

The event will be hybrid with both in-person and livestream components. In response to the resounding number of submissions, and in an effort to showcase a greater body of technical work, the Conference Organizers are including a virtual poster category in addition to traditional in-person poster and oral presentations.

Thirty-one students have submitted abstracts and are eligible for the 6th annual AMOS Student Award, presented in collaboration with the American Astronautical Society. Students are required to submit their research paper by June 23 to vie for the award which includes a small honorarium, complimentary registration to the AMOS Conference and to EMER-GEN® (September 17-19), the program for young professionals enthusiastic about careers in space.

The call for papers also attracted proposals to conduct short courses at AMOS. The short courses provide an opportunity to upgrade technical job skills and remain abreast of recent developments in fields of interest within SDA. To accommodate more courses, short courses are offered both virtually on Monday September 18 and in-person on Tuesday September 19.

AMOS provides the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends while networking and cross-sharing knowledge within the SDA community. In addition to the technical sessions and short courses, the AMOS program features keynote speakers, policy forums, special interest topics, networking receptions and an exhibit venue. Both in-person and livestream attendees will have access to a virtual platform to enable networking and collaboration.

We expect another sold-out conference with the exhibit venue already at capacity,” said Sandy Ryan, Conference Director of Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB), the host of the AMOS Conference. “We hear all the time how companies attending get more work done during the week of AMOS then they do the rest of the year with the connections to be made in the intimate venue.

The 6th Annual EMER-GEN program will feature mentoring sessions with renowned space specialists, along with professional development sessions designed to enhance the young professionals’ effectiveness in a global environment. Scheduled pre-event webinars will help the cohort prepare for the on-site program.

The AMOS Conference and EMER-GEN are presented by the Maui Economic Development Board, Inc. (MEDB), a nonprofit corporation established in 1982 to focus on diversifying Maui’s economy. MEDB’s mission involves taking innovative actions that strengthen existing industry as well as diversifying through new opportunities.

Learn more at https://amostech.com / and EMER-GEN at http://www.emer-gen.com .