For the first time in its 23-year history the Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference was sold-out in advance. The premier technical conference in the nation devoted to Space Situational/Domain Awareness (SSA/SDA) hosted 1212 in-person attendees at the Wailea Beach Resort. A further 259 joined virtually as the Conference provided a hybrid option for those unable to travel to Maui.

The continued growth in attendance at AMOS reflects a growing interest in space sustainability and space commerce initiatives across all sectors—national governments, private sector companies, non-governmental entities, and universities. This growth is reflected on all fronts: attendance in-person from around the world, with 23 countries participating; partnerships with sponsors and exhibitors; and the technical contributions by authors and presenters.

The AMOS Conference program featured daily Keynote speakers, SSA/SDA policy forums, exhibits, short courses and networking receptions. Both in-person and livestream attendees had access to a virtual platform to facilitate networking and collaboration before, during and after the conference.

This year’s AMOS welcomed back in-person exhibits; and Maui County students returned for Student Space Exploration Day. Poster Session Pitches and Women & Allies in SDA reception were new features also added to this year’s program.

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Congratulations to the 2022 AMOS Award Winners

Best Paper Award

Julia Briden, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Impact of Space Weather on Space Assets and Satellite Launches

Student Award

Michael Klonowski, University of Colorado Boulder
Optimal Cislunar Architecture Design Using Monte Carlo Tree Search Methods

Poster Awards

GOLDEN TICKET (Winner of 2023 Oral Presentation Slot)
Matthias Jirousek,
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
High Resolution Imaging of Satellites and Objects in Space with IoSiS

Alexander Agathanggelou, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Machine Learning for Satellite Characterisation

Aurelio Kaluthantrige,
University of Strathclyde
Pseudorange Measurement and Sun Phase Angle Estimation using CNN-based Image Processing Algorithm for HERA Mission


Prashant Patel, Institute for Defense Analyses
Rapidly and Automatically Estimating Reachability of Electric Propulsion Spacecraft

Julia Briden,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Impact of Space Weather on Space Assets and Satellite Launches

Michael Thompson, Advanced Space
Utilization of Space-Based TDoA and FDoA for Cislunar Orbit Determination

Tom Kelecy, The Stratagem Group
Predicted Intent Inferred from Real-time Rendezvous and Proximity Behavior

Imene Goumiri, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Light Curve Completion and Forecasting using Fast and Scalable Gaussian Processes (MuyGPs)

Conor Benson, University of Colorado Boulder
Simulation and Analysis of Event Camera Data for Non-Resolved Objects

Julian Gamboa, Northwestern University
Ultrafast Image Retrieval from a Holographic Memory Disc for High-Speed Operation of a Shift, Scale, and Rotation Invariant Target Recognition System

DeShaun Hutchinson, 18th Space Defense Squadron
An Analysis of the Impact of the Russian DA-ASAT Event on Space Domain Awareness

Roberta Ewart, SSC/ST
Pole-Sitter Based Space Domain Awareness for Cislunar Regions

Simon Anger, DLR
Advanced Space Surveillance with the Imaging Radar IoSIS

Technical Chairs

Paul Kervin, AFRL/RDSM (Ret.)
Daron Nishimoto, EO Solutions

2022 Session Chairs


John Gaebler, KBR
Thomas Kelecy
, The Stratagem Group

Atmospherics/Space Weather

Randall Alliss, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Tom Berger, University of Colorado / Space Weather Technology, Research, and Education Center (SWx TREC)

Cislunar SSA

Channing Chow, Cloudstone Innovations LLC
Jaime Stearns, AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate


Zach Funke, AFRL Maui
Jim Shell, Novarum Tech LLC

Machine Learning for SSA Applications

Islam Hussein, Trusted Space
Charlotte Shabarekh, MIT Lincoln Library

Non-Resolved Object Characterization

Zach Gazak, Odyssey
Emily Gerber, Stratagem Group

Optical Systems & Instrumentation

Jeff Sherk, The Aerospace Corporation
Stacie Williams, AFOSR

Space-Based Assets

John Ianni, AFRL
Pat Patterson, Space Dynamics Laboratory

Space Debris

Heather Cowardin, NASA
Carolin Frueh, Purdue University
Thomas Schildknecht, Astronomical Institute, University of Bern

Space Situational/Domain Awareness

Moriba Jah, University of Texas at Austin
Danielle Wood, Space Enabled Research Group, MIT Media Lab

Poster Chairs

Darren McKnight, LeoLabs
Matthew Stevenson, LeoLabs