AMOS Conference organizers are delighted to welcome Lieutenant General Philip A. Garrant to Maui to give the opening keynote as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.  The 2024 program is taking shape with keynote speakers, policy forum topics, featured presentations, and technical sessions scheduled for September 17-20.

Launched in 1999 with the Air Force Research Laboratory, the AMOS Conference is the premier technical conference in the nation devoted to space situational/domain awareness. Bringing together policymakers and experts from the private sector, academia, the military, and government agencies, the conference attracts papers and presentations from the world’s foremost scientists and leaders working in the near-space arena.

Celebrating 25 years of the AMOS conference reflects a quarter-century of innovation, collaboration, and progress in the space domain,” said Sandy Ryan, Conference Director, MEDB. “We are honored to be an active partner in this growth and look forward to the continued exchange of knowledge and ideas shaping the future of space.

Lt. Gen. Philip A. Garrant is Commander, Space Systems Command will give the opening Keynote for the 2024 AMOS Conference

As the Commander of Space Systems Command, headquartered at Los Angeles Air Force Base, Lt. Gen. Garrant is responsible for more than 15,000 military, civilian and contractor personnel worldwide and an annual budget of $15.6 billion, while managing the research, design, development, acquisition, launch, and sustainment of satellites and the associated command and control systems. His extensive portfolio includes military satellite communication, missile warning, navigation and timing, space-based weather, space launch and test ranges, space superiority, responsive space and other emerging evolutionary space programs.

Prior to Space Systems Command, Lt. Gen. Garrant served as the Deputy Chief of Space Operations, Strategy, Plans, Programs, and Requirements, and had the overall responsibility for the strategies, requirements, and budget of the United States Space Force. During his career, he has served in a variety of acquisition positions including Systems Engineer, Program Manager,Program Element Monitor, Squadron Commander, Senior Materiel Leader, Deputy Program Executive Officer and Program Executive.

Technical Sessions

An outstanding number of exceptional abstracts from 24 countries were received for consideration for presentation at this year’s AMOS Conference. The number and content of the submissions demonstrate the continued evolution and advancements in field of space domain awareness and is reflected in the session topics to be covered this year: Astrodynamics, Atmospherics/Space Weather; Cislunar SDA, Conjunction RPO, Machine Learning for SDA Applications, Satellite Characterization, SDA Systems & Instrumentation, Space-based Assets, Space Debris, and Space Domain Awareness.

Submissions have been selected for oral and poster presentations. In an effort to showcase a greater body of technical work, the Conference includes a virtual poster category in addition to traditional in-person poster and oral presentations.

Twenty-eight students have submitted abstracts and are eligible for the 7th annual AMOS Student Award, presented in collaboration with the American Astronautical Society. The award includes a small honorarium, complimentary registration to the AMOS Conference and to EMER-GEN®. All papers presented at AMOS are eligible for the Best Paper award and award winners are also selected for Poster presenters including: The Golden Ticket (Best Poster); Most Creative; Newcomer Award; and Best Lightening Pitch Award.

The AMOS conference is hybrid with livestreaming of all oral presentations for those unable to travel to Maui.  Virtual attendees have access to all presentations as well as online networking.

The AMOS Conference is preceded by the 7th Annual EMER-GEN® program, a professional development opportunity for students and young professionals enthusiastic about careers in space. A joint initiative with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) EMER-GEN puts the focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The program features mentoring sessions with renowned space specialists; networking; technical short courses; and interactive professional development sessions designed to enhance the young professionals’ effectiveness in a global environment.

Registration is open for both events. Learn more at