2014 Technical Papers

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Scalable Conjunction Processing using Spatiotemporally Indexed Ephemeris Data
Irene A. Budianto-Ho (Stellar Science Ltd Co), Stephen Johnson (Stellar Science Ltd Co), Robert M. Sivilli (Air Force Research Laboratory), Randall Scarberry (Stellar Science Ltd Co)
Keywords: collision detection, catalog conjunction filtering, k-d tree, spatial partition tree, spatial hash
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Probability Forecasting Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Matthew Duncan (SpaceNav), Joe Frisbee (NASA/JSC), Josh Wysack (SpaceNav)
Keywords: SSA, collision probability, conjunction analysis
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Evolution and Implementation of the NASA Robotic Conjunction Assessment Risk Analysis Concept of Operations
Lauri Newman (NASA), Matthew Hejduk (a.i. Solutions, Inc.), Ryan Frigm (a.i. Solutions, Inc.), Matthew Duncan (SpaceNav)
Keywords: conjunction assessment, operations
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JAC Software, Solving Conjunction Assessment Issues
Francis Laporte (CNES)
Keywords: Conjunction Assessment, Operations, Tools
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GEO Belt Survey with WFCAM
Rick Kendrick (Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center), Watson Varricatt (UKIRT), Matt Bold (Lockheed Martin), Nick Cross (University of Edinburgh Institute for Astronomy), Tom Kerr (UKIRT), Mike Irwin (University of Cambridge Institute of Astronomy), Mike Read (University of Edinburgh Institute for Astronomy), Greg Madsen (University of Cambridge Institute for Astronomy), Bob Mann (University of Edinburgh Institute for Astronomy)
Keywords: UKIRT, WFCAM, Orbital Debris, Space Situational Awareness
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Improved Space Object Orbit Determination Using CMOS Detectors
Thomas Schildknecht (Astronomical Institute, University of Bern), J. Peltonen (Aboa Space Research Oy (ASRO), Turku, Finland), T. Sannti (Aboa Space Research Oy (ASRO), Turku, Finland), J. Silha (Astronomical Institue, University of Bern, Switzerland), T. Flohrer (Space Debris Office, ESA/ESOC, Germany)
Keywords: space surveillance, orbit determination, CMOS detector
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High Resolution Radar for NASA and Space Situational Awareness for Observation and Monitoring
Barry Geldzahler (NASA), Dr. Larry D’Addario (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Melanie Ott (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), Rick Birr (NASA Kennedy Space Center), Gary Woods (NASA Kennedy Space Center), Michael Miller (NASA Kennedy Space Center)
Keywords: Near Earth Objects, orbital debris, space situational awareness, high resolution radar systems
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Implications of Hierarchies for RSO Characterization, Recognition, and Identification
Matthew Wilkins (Applied Defense Solutions), Brian Ruttenberg (Charles River Analytics), Avi Pfeffer (Charles River Analytics), Paul Schumacher (Air Force Research Laboratory), Moriba Jah (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Keywords: Hierarchy, Taxonomy, Space Object Identification, Sensor Tasking, Model Neighborhood
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LightForce Photon-Pressure Collision Avoidance: Updated Efficiency Analysis Utilizing a Highly Parallel Simulation Approach
Jan Stupl (SGT / NASA Ames Research Center), Jonathan Aziz (University of Colorado Boulder / NASA Ames Research Center), Bron Nelson (Computer Sciences Corporation/NASA Ames Research Center), Fan Yang Yang (STC/NASA Ames Research Center), Cyrus Foster (SGT/NASA Ames Research Center), Nicolas Faber (SGT/NASA Ames Research Center), Andrew Nuttall (Standford University/USRA/NASA Ames Research Center), Chris Henze (NASA Ames Research Center), Creon Levit (NASA Ames Research Center)
Keywords: space debris mitigation, conjunction analysis, laser, parallel computing
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A Deterministic Approach to Active Debris Removal Target Selection
Aleksander Lidtke (University of Southampton), Hugh Lewis (University of Southampton), Roberto Armellin (University of Southampton)
Keywords: Space Surveillance and Tracking, Active Debris Removal, Active Debris Target Selection, ADR
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Joint UK-Australian Space Surveillance Target Tracking, Cueing and Sensor Data Fusion Experiment
Pat Donnelly (DSTL), Nick Harwood (DSTL), Andy Ash (DSTL), Jon Eastment (STFC UK), Darcy Ladd (STFC UK), Chris Walden (STFC), James Bennett (Elecro Optic Systems), Craig Smith (Elecro Optic Systems), Ian Ritchie (Elecro Optic Systems), Mark Rutten (Defence Science and Technology Organisation), Neil Gordon (Defence Science and Technology Organisation)
Keywords: Radar, Optical, Cueing, Tracking, Sensor Data Fusion, International, Space Surveillance
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Technical Description of Radar and Optical Sensors Contributing to Joint UK-Australian Satellite Tracking, Data-fusion and Cueing Experiment
Jon Eastment (STFC Chilbolton Observatory), Darcy Ladd (STFC Chilbolton Observatory), Chris Walden (STFC Chilbolton Observatory), Pat Donnelly (DSTL), Andy Ash (DSTL), Nick Harwood (DSTL), Ian Ritchie (EOS Space Systems), Craig Smith (EOS Space Systems), James Bennett (EOS Space Systems), Mark Rutten (DSTO), Neil Gordon (DSTO)
Keywords: radar, laser, telescope, tracking, orbit determination, cueing
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Orbit Determination Analysis for a Joint UK-Australian Space Surveillance Experiment
Mark Rutten (Defence Science and Technology Oragnisation), Nick Harwood (DSTL), James Bennett (EOS Australia), Pat Donnelly (DSTL), Andy Ash (DSTL), Jon Eastment (STFC UK), Darcy Ladd (STFC UK), Neil Gordon (DSTO), Travis Bessell (DSTO), Craig Smith (EOS Australia), Ian Ritchie (EOS Australia)
Keywords: SSA, orbit determination
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Proto-Type Development of Optical Wide-field Patrol Network and Test Observation
Jang-Hyun Park (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Young-Jun Choi (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Jung-Hyun Jo (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Hong-Kyu Moon (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Hong-Suh Yim (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Young-Sik Park (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Young-Ho Hae (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Sun-Youp Park (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Jim Choi (UST), Ju-Young Son (UST)
Keywords: SSA, Optical system
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Multi-phenomenology Observation Network Evaluation Tool (MONET)
Dan Oltrogge (Analytical Graphics Inc.), Patrick North (Analytical Graphics Inc.), Michael Nicolls (SRI)
Keywords: SSA, RSO, Tracking, Debris, System-of-Systems, Digital, Observation, Network Modeling, Optimization
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Space Situational Awareness of Large Numbers of Payloads From a Single Deployment
Alan Segerman (Naval Research Laboratory), Jeff Byers (Naval Research Laboratory), John Emmert (Naval Research Laboratory), Andrew Nicholas (Naval Research Laboratory)
Keywords: space object cataloguing, large deployments
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Next Generation Space Surveillance System-of-Systems
Bill McShane (Lockheed Martin)
Keywords: SSA, sensor integration, data engineering, SSA architecture, space operations
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Validation of Accuracy and Efficiency of Long-Arc Orbit Propagation Using the Method of Manufactured Solutions and the Round-Trip-Closure Method
Robyn Woollands (Texas A&M University), Ahmad Bani Younes (Texas A&M University), Brent Macomber (Texas A&M University), Austin B. Probe (Texas A&M University), Donghoon Kim (Texas A&M University), John L. Junkins (Texas A&M University)
Keywords: Modified Chebyshev Picard Iteration, Method of Manufacutured Solutions, Round-Trip Closure Method
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Terminal Convergence Approximation Modified Chebyshev Picard Iteration for Efficient Orbit Propagation
Austin Probe (Texas A&M University), Brent Macomber (Texas A&M University), Donghoon Kim (Texas A&M University), Robyn M. Woollands (Texas A&M University), John L. Junkins (Texas A&M University)
Keywords: Orbital Propagation, Modeling, Numerical Methods
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Catalog Build-up for Geostationary Orbit Using Simulated Short-arc Tracklets
Jan Siminski (DLR / GSOC), Martin Weigel (Scientist, Space Situational Awareness group), Hauke Fiedler (Head Space Situational Awareness group)
Keywords: Space situational awareness, Initial orbit determination, Catalog build-up, Too-short-arcs, Tracklet association
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Simplified Propagation of Uncertainty in the Non-Keplerian Problem
Inkwan Park (University of Colorado at Boulder), Daniel J. Scheeres (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Keywords: Lie transformation, Analytic approach, Simplified dynamical system, Uncertainty propagation
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A Comparison of JPDA and Belief Propagation for Data Association in SSA
Mark Rutten (Defence Science and Technology Organisation), Jason Williams (DSTO), Neil Gordon (DSTO), Moriba Jah (Air Force Research Laboratory), Jason Baldwin (Schafer Corp.), Jason Stauch (Schafer Corp.)
Keywords: data association, SSA, constrained admissible region
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Information Theoretic Criteria for Observation-to-Observation Association
Islam Hussein (Applied Defense Solutions), Paul. W. Schumacher, Jr. (Air Force Research Laboratory), Matthew P. Wilkins (Applied Defense Solutions), Christopher W. T. Roscoe (Applied Defense Solutions)
Keywords: Space Situational Awareness, Mutual Information, Information Theory, Data Association
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Uncorrelated Track Classification, Characterization, & Prioritization using Admissible Regions and Bayesian Inference
Marcus Holzinger (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Keywords: SSA, characterization, sensor tasking, uncorrelated tracks, admissible regions, bayesian
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An AEGIS-CPHD Filter to Maintain Custody of GEO Space Objects with Limited Tracking Data
Steven Gehly (University of Colorado at Boulder), Dr. Brandon Jones (University of Colorado at Boulder), Dr. Penina Axelrad (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Keywords: AEGIS, CPHD, SSA, probability of detection
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Maneuver Detection and Estimation with Optical Tracklets
Keric Hill (PDS/IAI)
Keywords: astrodynamics, UCT, tracklets, RSO
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The Case for GEO Hosted SSA Payloads
Carol Welsch (Orbital Sciences Corp), Brent Armand (Orbital Sciences Corp), Mike Repp (Orbital Sciences Corp), Alec Robinson (Orbital Sciences Corp)
Keywords: SSA, hosted payloads, resiliency
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Concepts for an Enhanced CubeSat GEO Space Situational Awareness Architecture
Keith Morris (Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company), Chris Rice (Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company)
Keywords: Space Situational Awareness, Space Based Assets, Orbital Debris
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Flexible Next-Generation Space-Based SSA Payload
Alan Scott (COM DEV International), Craig Haley (COM DEV International), Neil Rowlands (COM DEV International)
Keywords: SSA, Space-based Assets, Optical Systems, Small Telescope Systems, Instrumentation, Imaging
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The Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite: Mission status and CCD evolution after 18 months on-orbit
Brad Wallace (Defence Research and Development Canada), Robert (Lauchie) Scott (Defence Research and Development Canada), Michael Sale (Defence Research and Development Canada)
Keywords: SSA, space telescope, satellite
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Interpretation of Spectrometric Measurements of Active Geostationary Satellites
Donald Bedard (Royal Military College of Canada), Gregg A. Wade (Royal Military College of Canada)
Keywords: Spectroscopy, spectrometric measurements,
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Bi-static Optical Observations of GEO Objects
Patrick Seitzer (University of Michigan Astronomy), Edwin S. Barker (LZ Technology, Inc), Heather Cowardin (JETS), Susan M. Lederer (NASA/JSC), Brent Buckalew (JETS)
Keywords: orbital debris, GEO, photometry
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Optical Characterization of Deep-Space Object Rotation States
Doyle Hall (Boeing ), Paul Kervin (Air Force Research Laboratory/RDSM)
Keywords: rotation states
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Effects of Optical and Geometrical Properties on YORP Effect for Inactive Satellites
Antonella Albuja (University of Colorado – Boulder), Dr. Daniel J. Scheeres (University of Colorado – Boulder)
Keywords: YORP effect, inactive satellites, long-term rotational dynamics, rotation state predictions
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Propagation of Bayesian Belief for Near-real Time Statistical Assessment of Geosynchronous Satellite Status Based on Non-Resolved Photometry Data
Anil Chaudhary (Applied Optimization, Inc.), Tamara Payne (Applied Optimization, Inc.), Keith Lucas (Applied Optimization, Inc.), Kimberly Kinateder (Wright State University), Phan Dao (Air Force Research Laboratory/RV Kirtland AFB, NM), Jeremy Murray-Krezan (Air Force Research Laboratory/RV Kirtland AFB, NM)
Keywords: Synoptic search, Markov chain, Bayes network, transition probability, directed graph, nominal or anomalous status, cross-tag
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Comparison of Unscented Kalman Filter and Unscented Schmidt Kalman Filter in Estimating Attitude and Associated Uncertainty of Geosynchronous Satellite
Charles J. Wetterer (Integrity Applications Incorporated-PDS), Bobby Hunt (Integrity Applications Incorporated-PDS), Paul Kervin (Air Force Research Laboratory), Moriba Jah (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Keywords: estimation, modeling, filtering
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A Wavefront Sensor to Detect Dim Objects
Mala Mateen (Air Force Research Laboratory), Olivier Guyon (University of Arizona), Michael Hart (University of Arizona), Johanan Codona (University of Arizona)
Keywords: dim objects, non-linear curvature wavefront sensor, adaptive optics
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Gemini Planet Imager First Light: Advancing High Contrast Adaptive Optics
S. Mark Ammons (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Gemini Planet Imager team (GPI)
Keywords: adaptive optics, contrast, planet, coronagraph, woofer, tweeter
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Research into a Single-aperture Light Field Camera System to Obtain Passive Ground-based 3D Imagery of LEO Objects
Dr. Kenneth P. Bechis (Northrop Grumman Information Systems), Dr. Ann M. Pitruzzello (Northrop Grumman Information Systems)
Keywords: light field camera, long-range passive 3D imaging
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Optimal Dictionaries for Sparse Solutions of Multi-frame Blind Deconvolution
Bobby Hunt (Integrity Applications Inc.), Keith Knox (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Keywords: image restoration, deconvolution, compressive sensing
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Demonstration of Uncued Optical Surveillance of LEO
Peter Zimmer (J.T. McGraw & Assoc., LLC), Mark Ackermann (JTMA/UNM), John T. McGraw (JTMA/UNM)
Keywords: uncued, leo, survey, optical, streak, detection, blind,
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The Navy Precision Optical Interferometer for SSA: A Progress Report
Sergio Restaino (US Naval Research Laboratory), J.R. Andrews (NRL), J.T. Armstrong (NRL), E.K. Baines (NRL), J.H. Clark (NRL), H.R. Schmitt (NRL)
Keywords: GEO-satellites, interferometry, imaging
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The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope: A Project Update.
Thomas Rimmele (National Solar Observatory), T. Berger (National Solar Observatory), J. McMullin (National Solar Observatory), M. Warner (National Solar Observatory), R. Casinsi (High Altitude Observatory), J. Kuhn (University of Hawaii), H. Lin (University of Hawaii), F. Woeger (National Solar Observatory), W. Schmidt (Kiepenheuer Institute, Freiburg), A. Tritschler (National Solar Observatory), DKIST Team
Keywords: Sun, space weather, adaptive optics, telescopes, solar instrumentation, telescope operations
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Inertially-Aided Image Stabilization
Steve Griffin (Boeing), Brandoch Calef (Boeing)
Keywords: Image stabilization
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Daylight Imaging of SSA Targets Through Distributed Volume Non-Kolmogorov and Anisotropic Deep Turbulence at Low Elevation Angles
Jeremy Bos (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Keywords: Daylight Imaging, Imaging through Turbulence, Non-Kolmogorov Turbulence, Anisotropic turbulence
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Automating Image Enhancement Optimization Using Image Quality Metrics
David Gerwe (Boeing), Brandoch Calef (Boeing Laser Technical Services), Carlos Luna (Boeing Phantomworks)
Keywords: image enhancement, image quality
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Automated Recognition of Type III Solar Radio Bursts using Mathematical Morphology
James Jones (Northrop Grumman)
Keywords: space weather, SSA, radio burst, automated, solar
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Propagation of Forecast Errors from the Sun to LEO Trajectories: How Does Drag Uncertainty Affect Conjunction Frequency?
John Emmert (Naval Research Laboratory), Jeff Byers (Naval Research Laboratory), Harry Warren (Naval Research Laboratory), Alan Segerman (Naval Research Laboratory)
Keywords: atmospheric drag, error propagation, conjunctions
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Numerical Simulations of Optical Turbulence Using an Advanced Atmospheric Prediction Model: Implications for Adaptive Optics Design
Randall Alliss (Northrop Grumman Corporation)
Keywords: Adaptive Optics, Atmospherics, Turbulence, Optical Communications
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Improvements in Space Surveillance Processing for Wide Field of View Optical Sensors
Paul Sydney (PDS/IAI), Charles J. Wetterer (PDS/IAI)
Keywords: sensor, processing, RSO, photometry, metrics
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Ground Optical Signal Processing Architecture for Contributing SSA Space Based Sensor Data
Darin Koblick (Millennium Space Systems), Moriba Jah (Air Force Research Laboratory), Brien Flewelling (Air Force Research Laboratory), Alfred Goldsmith (Millennium Space Systems), Michael Klug (Millennium Space Systems), Joe Shanks (Photon Research Associates), Robert Pina (Photon Research Associates), Jason Stauch (Schafer Corporation), Jason Baldwin (Schafer Corporation), James Campbell (CENTRA Technology), Travis Blake (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
Keywords: Ground Optical Signal Processing, Corner Detection, Small Space Based Telescopes, Modeling and Simulation
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Serendipitous Acquisition of Space Situational Awareness From Astronomical and Survey Sensors (SASSAFRASS)
Mark Bolden (Pennsylvania State University), David Spencer (Pennsylvania State University)
Keywords: data fusion, data sharing, space situational awareness, leveraging astronomical data for SSA, survey telescopes,
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Faint Debris Detection by Particle Based Track-Before-Detect Method
Masahiko Uetsuhara (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics), Norikazu Ikoma (Kyushu Institute of Technology, and The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
Keywords: Faint debris detection, track-before-detect, evolutional algorithm, particle filter
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Track-Before-Detect Algorithm for Faint Moving Objects based on Random Sampling and Consensus
Phan Dao (Air Force Research Laboratory), Vincent Schmidt (Air Force Research Laboratory), Waid Schlaegel (Air Force Research Laboratory), Richard Rast (Air Force Research Laboratory), Steve Gregory (The Boeing Company), Anthony Dentamaro (Boston College)
Keywords: dim moving objects, autonomous, blind search
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Image Stacking Techniques for GEO Satellites
Mr Grant Privett (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory), Dr Graham Appleby (British Geological Survey, UK), Mr. Rob Sherwood (British Geological Survey, UK)
Keywords: geostationary , stacking
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Measuring Close Binary Stars with Speckle Interferometry
Keith Knox (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Keywords: double stars, binary stars, binaries, speckle interferometry
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SSA Modeling and Simulation with DIRSIG
David Bennett (Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center), David Allen (Lockheed Martin), Jeff A. Dank (Lockheed Martin), Dr. Michael Gartley (Rochester Institute of Technology), Dr. David W. Tyler (Lockheed Martin)
Keywords: Modeling, CAD, MLI, BRDF, Simulation, DIRSIG
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An Analysis of Debris Orbit Prediction Accuracy from Short-arc Orbit Determination Using Optical and Laser Tracking Data
James Bennett (RMIT University / EOS Space Systems), Professor Jizhang Sang (Wuhan University), Professor Craig Smith (EOS Space Systems), Professor Kefei Zhang (RMIT University)
Keywords: Short-arc orbit determination, debris, laser tracking
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Optical Survey of the Tumble Rates of Retired GEO Satellites
Christopher R. Binz (Naval Research Laboratory), Mark A. Davis (Naval Research Laboratory), Bernie E. Kelm (Naval Research Laboratory), Christopher I. Moore (Navel Research Laboratory)
Keywords: GEO, tumbling, optical, unresolved
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GEODSS Overview
Robert Bruck (BAE Systems)
Keywords: Optical, Space Surveillance
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The Falcon Telescope Network
Francis Chun (USAF Academy), Dr. Roger D. Tippets (USAF Academy), Dr. Michael E. Dearborn (USAF Academy), Kimberlee C. Gresham (Universities Space Research Association), Ryan E. Freckleton (MITRE Corporation), Martin W. Douglas (MITRE Corporation)
Keywords: small telescope network, space situational awareness
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Rotation Rates of Inactive Satellites Near Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
Rita Cognion (Oceanit)
Keywords: debris, geosynchronous, rotation, inactive satellites, autocorrelation
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Determining Satellite Rotation Rates for Unresolved Targets Using Temporal Variations in Spectral Signatures
Joseph Coughlin (Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT))
Keywords: Spectral, unresolved targets, rotation
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NASA’s Optical Measurement Program 2014 H.
Heather Cowardin (Jacobs), Sue Lederer (NASA), Gene Stansbery (NASA), Pat Seitzer (University of Michigan), Brent Buckalew (JACOBS), Kira Abercromby (California Polytechnic State University), Ed Barker (LZ Technology)
Keywords: telescopes, orbital debris
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Measuring Geosynchronous Satellites from Stellar Appulses with AO
Jack Drummond (Air Force Research Laboratory/RDS), Odell Reynolds (Air Force Research Laboratory/RDS), Miles Buckman (Air Force Research Laboratory/RDS), Robert Johnson (Air Force Research Laboratory/RDS)
Keywords: satellites, star catalogue, adaptive optics
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Computer Vision Techniques Applied to Space Object Detect, Track, ID, Characterize
Brien Flewelling (Air Force Research Laboratory/RVSVC)
Keywords: Computer Vision, Image Processing, astrometry, Space Object Tracking
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Use of Hierarchical Mixtures of Experts to Detect Resident Space Object Attitude
David Gaylor (University of Arizona), Jessica Anderson (Emergent Space Technologies, Inc.)
Keywords: Hierarchical Mixtures of Experts, attitude profile, space object characterization
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Compliant Baffle for Large Telescope Daylight Imaging
Steven Griffin (Boeing), Andrew Whiting (Boeing), Shawn Haar (Boeing)
Keywords: Daylight imaging
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SOFIA Cycle 2 Science Status and Targets of Opportunity
Helen Hall (University Space Research Association), Erick Young (USRA/ SOFIA), Hans Zinnecker (Deutsches SOFIA Institut)
Keywords: SOFIA, Infrared Astronomy
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Quantitative Measurements of the Daytime Near Infrared Sky Brightness at the AEOS 3.6 m Telescope
Michael Hart (Hart Scientific Consulting International, L.L.C.), Stuart Jefferies (Hart Scientific Consulting International, L.L.C.), Douglas Hope (Hart Scientific Consulting International, L.L.C.), James Nagy (Emory University), Stacie Williams (Air Force Research Laboratory/RD)
Keywords: daylight imaging, photometry, sky brightness
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A New Approach to Computing Information in Measurements of Non-resolved Space Objects by the Falcon Telescope Network
Douglas Hope (USAFA Center for Space Situational Awareness Research)
Keywords: Non-resolved object characterization
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Probabilistic Admissible Region for Short-Arc Angles-Only Observations
Islam Hussein (Applied Defense Solutions), Paul. W. Schumacher, Jr. (Air Force Research Laboratory), Matthew P. Wilkins (Applied Defense Solutions), Christopher W. T. Roscoe (Applied Defense Solutions)
Keywords: Initial Orbit Determination, Constrained Admissible Region, Uncertainty Propagation, Space Situational Awareness
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Collision Avoidance: Coordination of Predicted Conjunctions between NASA Satellites and Satellites of other Countries
Angelita Kelly (NASA), Wynn Watson (NASA)
Keywords: conjunctions, constellation satellites, foreign service operators
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Spacecraft Orbit Anomaly Representation Using Thrust-Fourier-Coefficients with Orbit Determination Toolbox
Hyun Chul Ko (University of Colorado Boulder), Daniel J. Scheeres (A Richard Seebass Endowed Chair Professor)
Keywords: Spacecraft Anomaly, Interpolation, Thrust Fourier Coefficient, SSA
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NASA’s Newest Orbital Debris Ground-based Telescope Assets: MCAT and UKIRT
Susan Lederer (NASA), J.M. Frith (JETS Jacobs Technology), L. F. Pace (NASA JSC), H. M. Cowardin (JETS Jacobs Technology), T. Glesne (Schafer Pacific Corporation), R. Maeda (Integrity Applications Incorporated), B. Buckalew (JETS Jacobs Technology), D. Nishimoto (Integrity Applications Incorporated), D. Douglas (Intergrity Applications Incorporated), E. G. Stansbery (NASA JSC)
Keywords: Orbital debris, telescopes, infrared, visible
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Characterization of Inactive Rocket Bodies Via Non-Resolved Photometric Data
Richard Linares (Los Alamos National Lab), David Palmer (Los Alamos National Lab), David C. Thompson (Los Alamos National Lab), Alexei V. Klimenko (Los Alamos National Lab)
Keywords: Characterization, Non-Resolved Photometric Data
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An Adaptive, Agile, Reconfigurable Photonic System for Handling Analog Signals
Charles Middleton (Harris Corporation), Richard DeSalvo (Harris Corporation), Nestor Escalera (Harris Corporation)
Keywords: Photonic techniques, signal transport, wideband photonic-assisted frequency converter, space applications, microwave and millimeter wave transmission, photonic-assisted converter, reconfigurable backbone
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Relative Cost and Performance Comparison of GEO Space Situational Awareness Architectures
Keith Morris (Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company), Chris Rice (Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company), Eugene Little (Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company)
Keywords: Space Situational Awareness, Space Based Assets, Orbital Debris
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The Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) Mission System (JMS) and the Advanced Research, Collaboration, and Application Development Environment (ARCADE)
Jeremy Murray-Krezan (Air Force Research Laboratory), Chris Sabol (Air Force Research Laboratory), Lt Anthony M. Runco (Space & Missile Systems Center), Paul Zetocha (Air Force Research Laboratory), Juan Echeverry (Scitor Corp.), Richard Kim (Scitor Corp.)
Keywords: JMS Increment 3,ARCADE,R&D Environment,application development,data source integration
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Fast Tomographic Reconstruction of Atmospheric Turbulence from Micro-lens Imagery
James Nagy (Emory University), Stuart Jefferies (University of Hawaii), Michael Hart (University of Arizona), Douglas Hope (US Air Force Academy)
Keywords: Tomography, wavefront reconstruction, micro-lens imagery
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Fusion of Telescopic and Doppler Radar Data
Mirko Navara (Czech Technical University in Prague), Martin Matousek (Czech Technical University in Prague), Ondrej Drbohlav (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Keywords: Doppler radar, orbit determination, data fusion
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SpinSat Mission Preliminary Results
Andrew Nicholas (NRL), Wayne Sawka (DSSP), Ted Finne (NRL), Linda Thomas (NRL), Liam Healey (NRL), Ivan Galysh (NRL), Aroh Barjatya (Embry-Riddle), Heather Cowardin (Jacobs Technology), Jeff Ransdell (DSSP), Shae Williams (DSSP)
Keywords: small satellites, SpinSat
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Optical Observation, Image-processing, and Detection of Space Debris in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
Hiroshi Oda (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Toshifumi Yanagisawa (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Hirohisa Kurosaki (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Makoto Tagawa (Kyushu University)
Keywords: geosynchronous Earth orbit, optical observation
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Parametric Characterization of SGP4 Theory and TLE Positional Accuracy
Dan Oltrogge (Analytical Graphics, Inc.), Jens Ramrath (Analytical Graphics, Inc.)
Keywords: SGP4, orbit accuracy, orbit precision, Enhanced GP, TLEs
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Data Reduction Algorithm for Optical Wide Field Patrol (OWL)
Sun-youp Park (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Yung-Sik Park (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Hong-Suh Yim (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Jung Hyun Jo (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Hong-Kyu Moon (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Young-Ho Bae (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Yeo-Myeong Lim (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Jin Choi (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Young-Jun Choi (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Jang-Hyun Park (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute), Ju-Young Son (Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute)
Keywords: Data Reduction, Algorithm, Optical, Wide field
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A Community Format for Electro-Optical Space Situational Awareness (EOSSA) Data Products
Tamara Payne (Applied Optimization Inc.), Shaylah Mutschler (Applied Optimization Inc.), Daniel Meiser (NASIC/GSMS), Roberto Crespo (NASIC/GSMS), Neal Shine (Applied Optimization Inc.)
Keywords: data format, SSA, FITS
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Identifying On-Orbit Test Targets for Space Fence Operational Testing
Daniel Pechkis (Institute for Defense Analyses), Nelson Pacheco (Institute for Defense Analyses), Tye Botting (Institute for Defense Analyses)
Keywords: Space Fence, space situational awareness, statistical test design, operational testing
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Doublet Pulse Coherent Laser Radar for Orbital Debris Tracking of Resident Space Objects
Narasimha Prasad (NASA Langley Research Center), Van Rudd (Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies), Albert DiMarcantonio (NASA Langley Research Center), Stephen P. Sandford (NASA Langley Research Center)
Keywords: Ladar, Resident Space Objects, Space situational awareness, orbital debris tracking, orbit determination
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Development and Analysis of a Waffle Constrained Reconstructor (WCR) for Fried Geometry Adaptive Optics Systems
Robert Praus (MZA Associates Corporation)
Keywords: Adaptive Optics, Fried Geometry, Waffle
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Simulation of Telescope Detectivity for GEO Survey and Tracking
Pascal Richard (C.N.E.S.)
Keywords: SSA, geostationary, orbital debris, telescope detectivity
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Clients of SSA Net-Ready Data
David Richmond (Lockheed Martin), Steven Bicker (Lockheed Martin), Brian Mally (Lockheed Martin)
Keywords: SSA
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Diagnostic Comparisons of Near-Earth Object Identification using Slit Spectroscopy and Slitless Grating Methods
Eileen Ryan (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology), William H. Ryan (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)
Keywords: near-Earth asteroid, spectroscopy, taxonomy, telescope
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Practical Issues Related to the Interferometric Imaging of Geosats
Henrique Schmitt (Naval Research Laboratory), Sergio R. Restaino (NRL), David Mozurkewich (Seabrook Engineering), James E. Mason (Lockheed Martin Corporation), Kevin R. Bock (Lockheed Martin Corporation), Jeff A. Dank (Lockheed Martin Corporation), J. Thomas Armstrong (NRL), Ellyn K. Baines (NRL), Greg Feller (Lockheed Martin Corporation)
Keywords: Geostationary Satellites, Imaging, Space Situational Awareness, Image Quality
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Using a Smartphone Camera for Nanosatellite Attitude Determination
Rogan Shimmin (SGT)
Keywords: Image processing, optical navigation, attitude determination, satellite, cellphone
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Optical and UV Sensing Sealed Tube Microchannel Plate Imaging Detectors with High Time Resolution
Oswald Siegmund (University of California, Space Sciences Lab), John Vallerga (University of California, Space Sciences Lab), Anton Tremsin (University of California, Space Sciences Lab), Jeffrey Hull (University of California, Space Sciences Lab), Jeffrey Elam (Argonne National Lab)
Keywords: imaging, photon counting, timing, microchannel plates
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A Short Evaluation of Triangulated Range from Multiple Angles-Only Sites
Zach Slatton (614 AOC//SSD)
Keywords: angles-only, triangulation, GEODSS
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Follow-up Observatory for Low Earth Orbit Objects with a Detection Algorithm Using Streaks
Makoto Tagawa (Kyushu University), Toshifumi Yanagisawa (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Hirohisa Kurosaki (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Hiroshi Oda (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Toshiya Hanada (Kyushu University)
Keywords: low Earth orbit, follow-up observation
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Exploiting the Magnetic Origin of Solar Activity in Forecasting Thermospheric Density Variations
Harry Warren (Naval Research Laboratory), John Emmert (Naval Research Laboratory)
Keywords: solar activity, thermospheric density, satellite drag
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Recent Developments in Advanced Automated Post-Processing at AMOS
Michael Werth (Boeing), Brandoch Calef (Boeing), Daniel Thompson (Boeing), Lisa Thompson (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Keywords: Imaging, photometry, LWIR, automation, product production
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Comparison of Radiation Pressure Perturbations on Rocket Bodies and Debris at Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
Charles Wetterer (Integrity Applications Incorporated-PDS), Keric Hill (Integrity Applications Incorporated-PDS), Moriba Jah (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Keywords: debris, astrodynamics, radiation pressure, perturbations
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AMORE: Applied Momentum for Orbital Refuse Elimination
Mark Wolfson (Lockheed Martin)
Keywords: Orbital Debris, Debris Removal, Neutral Particle Beam
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Emerging Technologies: Small Satellite and Associated TPED
Robert Zitz (Leidos)
Keywords: satellite, small satellite, TPED, DoD
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